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The SAPF Drug Policy
The SAPF is totally committed to the eradication of drugs in sport and as a result subscribes to the drug testing policies of the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport, the International Olympic Committee and the International Powerlifting Federation.

In basic terms the regulations state that anyone testing positive for any performance enhancing banned substance will face a ban on the first occasion of two years. On testing positive on the second occasion, that athlete will be suspended for life. There are lesser suspensions for the use of amphetamines as per the guidelines laid down in the constitution.

All South African Powerlifting Championships and many local provincial championships are drug tested by independent sampling officers from the Institute for Drug Free Sport. A pre-determined number of tests are randomly carried out; generally the winners of each division and one or two lifters in each weight division are tested.
In addition to the above, out-of-contest tests are regularly carried out throughout the year and these could be carried out on any registered member at their home, work or training venue. It is a requirement that any lifter selected to represent South Africa, to claim a South African record or to be crowned SA champion, must return a negative dope test.

A complete list of banned substances is available in CD Rom or book form from the Institute for Drug Free Sport at Pretoria contact number 012 841 2693 or Cape Town telephone 021 689 9660. The Institute have made available a banned substances publication to every chemist in South Africa therefore if you are in any doubt as to whether a substance is banned just ask your chemist. Always remember if in doubt ask, as a plea of ignorance if tested positive will not be accepted.

A List of Banned Lifters,  current and past is updated and maintained by SAPF. 

(The list of Athletes and Officials currently serving a period of ineligibility, is being updated for publishing.)

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