Who has qualified for SA Champs 2024?

On this page we will publish the lists of lifters who have qualified to compete in the SA Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships in 2024. You qualify to compete by achieving the qualifying total at a corresponding Provincial Championships, or by being the defending champion in that Age and Weight category from 2023. 

These are the only remaining Provincial championships - as each one is completed we will add the names of qualifying lifters to the list of qualifiers for each of the SA Championships. 
- NW Classic PL Championships 9 March
- EC Equipped PL Championships - 16 March
- NW Equipped PL Championships - 23 March

Important: As in 2023, ALL qualifying lifters will be entered in the Preliminary Entries for the SA Championships. It is up to each lifter to ensure that they have secured their FINAL entry by the appropriate dates by:
- making payment of entry fees
- completing their SAPF Affiliation for 2024
- requesting any weight category change if they wish to (if allowed)
- withdrawing from any category they do not intend competing in 
- providing any other info requested (tshirt sizes, name of your coach, etc) 

Here is the list of lifters who have qualified to compete in one of the SA Championships so far, as at 22/02/2024 (to be updated after each provincial competition):
- Qualifiers for SA Classic Bench Press Championships     (complete) 
- Qualifiers for SA Equipped Bench Press Championships  (complete)
- Qualifiers for SA Classic Powerlifting Championships
- Qualifiers for SA Equipped Powerlifting Championships


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