Online Affiliation

NB: Notice to All SAPF Affiliated Lifters and Members

Applying for Membership

Payments are accepted by EFT (FNB, ABSA, Standard Bank or Nedbank), by Debit or Credit Card. It is recommended you "Create an Account" by clicking here if you havn't already done so, as your details will then pre-populate all the required fields.

Please click here to  Affiliate with the South African Federation for 2017 and then follow the Step by Step Guide

Affiliations using cash are rquired to download and complete this form by clicking here

Amendments to 2017 Affiliation Application Form 

  • A copy of the identity document or passport is required

Additional information is required:

  • 1. Primary Training Place
  • 2. Training Place Address
  • 3. Training Times 

Again, we require this information for various reporting we do to the IPF, SASCOC, SRSA and SAIDS

  • It is imperative that your lifters understand that we as a Federation are bound by the rules, policies and procedures of the IPF, Wada, SASCOC, SRSA and SAIDS and are in the process of updating our constitution in accordance with same 
  • Please note this Affiliation form will be tabled / form part of the Revised Constitution going forward
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