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By clicking the Accept Button, this application is still subject to Approval by the Federation. On receipt of clearance and confirmation by the Federation, I acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions set forth in the
Constitution of the Gauteng Powerlifting Federation (“the Gauteng Constitution”), specifically, without limiting the generality thereof, all rules and guidelines, as well as the procedures listed herein. I confirm that it is my responsibility to review and be familiar with all the documents available at I agree to be bound by the rules, policies and procedures set forth and contemplated in both the Gauteng Constitution, together with the rules, policies and procedures of any bodies to which the Gauteng Powerlifting Federation (“GPF”) is affiliated, from time to time. In the event of ambiguity, discrepancy, divergence or inconsistency in or between any of these documents and this agreement, then this agreement shall prevail over all other documents. In particular, I furthermore acknowledge that in affiliating as a Club member to the GPF, including my Club members taking part in any competition held under the auspices and sanction of the SAPF and the International Powerlifting Federation (“IPF”), I and our members, inter alia, agree that we are bound by the rules, policies and procedures as set forth by the IPF. I acknowledge that I accept, and am bound by the rules, policies and procedures of the GPF, and the SAPF and, to this end agree to the additional procedures:

1.1 Ensuring that the General Secretary of GPF is informed and notified in writing of any upcoming competition, at least 7 days prior to competition date

1.2 A fee of R50 per entry (lifter) will be payable to GPF within 14 days of competition date of any Club competitions held by the Club

1.3 Ensuring that each entry (lifter) at Club competitions is affiliated for the current year to SAPF

1.4 Ensuring that all Club competitions comply with the standards and rules as laid out by GPFEnsuring that at least two Provincial or higher qualified Referees are available to officiate at the competition. Ensuring that the scoresheet and results are submitted to the GPF General Secretary within 14 days of competition date, in a format acceptable to the General SecretaryAccept that the deadline for return of this signed affiliation form together with proof of payment to the GPF General Secretary, is the last day of March of the current year.
I Accept that the GPF membership and votes at Annual General Meetings and/or Special Meetings held:after
March, are based on the Affiliated Clubs of the current year before March, are based on the Affiliated Clubs of the previous year. Each affiliated club will receive one vote on receipt of the Annual Club Affiliation Fee. Each affiliated
club will receive additional votes as per the following scale of minimum numbers of affiliated members whose Annual Affiliation Fees have been received. Ten members and up to 24 members – one additional vote.In order to qualify for the
above, Club Membership Numbers must be comprised of Active Members only. Non Lifting Members are not eligible for inclusion in the qualifying numbers of a club's membership.Failure to comply with any of the procedures listed above, I accept any and all sanctions imposed by the GPF and/or the SAPF, as the case may be. I confirm my agreement to follow, all procedures laid down by the GPF and/or the SAPF. I will follow such procedures as are set forth by the GPF regardless of whether I disagree with such procedures. I accept and take full responsibility on behalf of the Club. If I fail to follow such procedures, I accept that the GPF is not obliged to renew our affiliation to GPF in future or subsequent years.

Step-by-Step Guide

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2. Use the same confirmation email address as that used in the online affiliation form

3. Save a copy of your payfast proof of payment that you receive by email

4. Complete all the fields below with the requested information, making sure your email address is the same used for payfast

5. Upload your proof of payment

6. Click the Accept Button

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